Customer Testimonials for Supreme Motors

Adrian - - 2011 & 2013 BMW & BMW M3 & 535i M-Sport

Thriving for Excellence is the key to success and the gentlemen at Supreme Motors do just that. I am a Director of Sales for a multi-million dollar company and have a great understanding of the buying/selling process, customer experience, and the overall success of a great sell. I am not one that can be sold but these gentlemen not only took care of my need to get my wife a new car, I walked away with buying two vehicles.

Everyone wishes they had that one good friend that was in the car business that you knew would hook you up with the best deal, best car, and best value. You have found it with Supreme Motors and you can buy with the confidence that you have been taken care of to the fullest. Not only would I and do I recommend them to anyone I come across, I encourage everyone to make sure they stop by Supreme Motors just for the customer experience on it’s own. Do not buy another vehicle without experiencing the feeling you get when you visit Supreme. A name that suits them from start to finish.

Thank You Gentlemen!

Jason - - 2015 Lexus IS250 F-Sport

I don't even know where to start!!!! This place is the best. I've never felt more comfortable buying a car. Jeff was crazy responsive to every email and I got the car of my dreams. I told Jeff already but it needs to be said again, Supreme Motors has a customer for life. I love my new Lexus IS 250 Fsport to death!!! The car is amazing and everything I was promised. 

Thanks again guys!

Colin - - 2013 & 2014 BMW & Lexus X5 & GS350 F-Sport

Is there a 7 star ???

Remarkable doesn't even start to describe how this auto dealership operate. They def go above and beyond once they know you're serious.

Truth be told, we were skeptical at first because of the great values. And of course being any buyer, we were afraid there may be some hidden things we didn't know about... Well... They've made a believer out of our family.

Being top 1% in our industry (real estate), I know personally what it takes to become one of the best. You simply have to care for people, have genuine integrity, and honor your words. That's what Supreme auto did for our family....

We love the BMW they've helped us get. Thanks again Pat and Jeff !

Miguel - 2008 BMW M3 w/Carbon fiber lip fit & Staggered Forgestar Wh

We fell in love with the M3 the moment we saw it online and had high expectations for the car in person. When we called the dealer the owner was very professional and courteous. They explained in the detail about the car, history and how well the car had been maintained. Everything on the car checked out clean and just as it was advertised. When we arrived at the dealer it was clean comfortable and had a very friendly atmosphere. The paperwork was done professionally and in a timely matter, it was really nice to be able to sit down and have a conversation with the gentleman of the shop and they both reassured us we were getting a great buy. We will definitely look into buying another car from them in the future! -Facebook

Quan the Man - - 2009 Mercedes SL550

Supreme Motors is not a typical car dealer. I have bought a lot of cars, dealt with a lot of different types of car salesman, but with Supreme Motors, the experience is different, and man it is the best. If you are specifically looking for a car dealer that will fool you around, mark the price way up, or mark your trade in way down, or even mark up the actual interest rate you got from the bank to make extra money, etc., then Supreme Motors is not for you. With Supreme Motors, you will get to work with the two owners, the people who will actually work with you, and for you, they will show you what they actually have for you and what they can actually offer you, no middle man, and you won't have to wait for the salesman to "go talk to the manager" just to come back with something way out of the budget you told them like in any typical car dealer. Pat and Jeff are honest, and they will be straightforward with you. I came in to check out a Mercedes SL550 they had on the lot, Jeff came out to greet me, not dressing in any kind of fancy suit and tire, and that surprised me. We started talking and we had a lot in common. Got a chance to talk to Pat the next day, and we talked for an hour about all kinds of car in the world. Those conversations were not between a buyer and a car salesman, but between car enthusiasts. The car I was looking to buy was not cheap, but they got me financed with a low interest rate and a low down payment, and the car itself, is amazing. Jeff and Pat, they will work with you, just let them know what you need. Talk to them, ask them questions, they are cool, chill and willing to have conversions with you, and they are professional. -Yelp

Steven - 2006 Mercedes E55

Just picked up a beautiful Mercedes from Jeff and Pat over at Supreme. Straight shooters that take pride in their inventory and in the way they do business. Would absolutely send family or friends to these guys... if you're in the market for a "Supreme ride", this is the spot. -Google Plus

Chris - 2011 Lexus IS250

I bought a 2011 Lexus is 250 beautiful car ,would definitely buy another car from Jeff and would not hesitate to send my friends or family to Supreme Motors , the cars he has are nice and priced rite, plus the finance guy he sent me to was second to none! Thanks Jeff looking forward to doing more business with you.

KP - 2006 BMW M5

I recently bought a used BMW M5 from Pat and Jeff at Supreme Motors and it was the easiest and most rewarding car-buying experience of my life. I traded in my old truck and was impressed with how painless the process was from start to finish. They had a lot of respect for me as a customer and were transparent and helpful throughout, at this point I feel confident that they're pretty good dudes all-around. Negotiations were relatively easy-going and I walked away with a solid deal. They even continued to promptly answer questions and even helped me out with a couple of small issues in the days following the sale, which is well above and beyond my experience with dealerships in the past and helped give me peace of mind. All in all, I left a very satisfied customer and hope these guys are still around the next time I want to upgrade.

Heather - 2008 BMW 750Li

Hands down the best in town.. Extremely happy with our experience at Supreme Motors!! Jeff and Pat are amazing and I'm so thankful for what they have done for me! Thank you both! -Facebook

Amy - 2003 BMW M5

I just bought my dream car from Supreme Motors. The car was in great shape and the detail guys there really made it look brand new. Pat and Jeff are very personable and didn't do a hard sell. Didn't have too - the car sold itself! Got a great deal, a great car, and would recommend them to anyone. -Google+

Chase - - 2009 BMW X5 4.8 Sport

Highly recommend these guys! This is only my second dealership purchase in the last 6 years & it was a very good experience. After I showed up, these dudes spent a good couple hours with me just talking things over and w/o any kind of a deal being discussed. I was able to go in, look, drive and go home w/ a good understanding of them, their business and their cars. They are very easy to talk to as we all share a huge passion for cars. They're super accommodating and just super cool guys... I'd definitely hang out with them just to shoot the breeze! Awesome working with you! -Facebook

Carlos - 2011 Audi A5

These guys are the truth! I bought my Audi A5 from them and the experience was awesome. I will will definitely be going to them again in the future! -GOOGLE+

Amanda - 2008 Mercedes CLS550

Jeff is the man I've been going to his lot back and forth for the last year trying to find my dream car and finally today I got it! He only has the finest cars with clean backgrounds. He's not your average used car sales men he generally cares about you and your credit he rocks! Jeff I can't thankyou enough and I could not be happier thankyou! -Facebook

Adina - - 2012 BMW X5

We inquired about a BMW X5, the staff was very professional and was able to answer every question. The car was exactly like it was advertised, which was a pleasant surprise!  The owner was very kind to work with us and went above and beyond to allow us that extra time needed to purchase the car. Great atmosphere and they are all about building a customer relationship above all!! We will definitely be back for our next car!

Henry - 2004 BMW 6 Series

I would highly recommend Supreme Motors to anyone looking for a car. Jeff's service, selection, knowledge and assistance is unsurpassed! He made the car-buying experience a pleasure. -CARS.COM

Kim - 2010 Cadillac CTS

I know it seems crazy that every single reviewer has selected 5 stars for everything related to Supreme Motors - but it's true! Jeff's knowledge, car selection, and customer service are unmatched. It is clear that Supreme Motors has a goal to put the customer first and are creating a unique dealership that stands out about the rest. We love our new car and have recommended Supreme Motors to anyone we know seeking a new vehicle. -Yelp & Google

Laughton Fisher - - 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ

I am not one to write reviews yet I feel compelled to say how impressed I am with Jeff and Pat at Supreme Motors. As one who appreciates the service of a professional I am so happy to have had this experience. I remember saying to my wife how we dreaded buying a car and the game we are so often subjected to by your average car salesman, this experience was something I never have had before. I actually felt like I was working with a friend, very informative, non pressured and casual. I made my decision to buy only after talking with Jeff for a few minutes, helps they had the perfect car at the right price (which happened to be several thousand less than their competitors). If you are reading this and on the fence do yourself a favor and go chat with these guys, my guess is that you will have the same experience as I did, and if they don't happen to have the perfect car I guarantee they will be able to find it.

Thomas - 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe

Phenomenal staff and inventory!

Marty - 2010 Nissan 370 Nismo

I bought my car here a month ago and the customer service was great! These guys are very passionate about cars and it's evident by the quality of vehicles that they put on their lot.

Estaban - 2012 Mercedes Benz C-Class COUPE

Have to say I'll come back and buy again. At first when I met Jeff he talked a lot but if you actually listen to him he knows what he's talking about. He got me into a Mercedes C250 with almost no down payment and an interest rate that no other dealer could get me in. He sells quality cars. I took my Mercedes to get serviced and the Mercedes mechanics were amazing by the overall condition of the vehicle. -Facebook

Craig - 2011 BMW 3-Series

Pat, loving the bimmmer, so dope! Just wanted to thank you guys for working with me and making it happen. I feel like no other dealership would have left me smiling as I drove away from them. I'm definitely going to spread the word for you and Jeff. I do have a few things other than singing your praise lol. I'm so glad I pulled into your guys lot, you did more than get me into a sweet ride, you showed me how the business works and I'm so much more confident in the deal I made and the ones I'll make in the future.

Darren and Amy - 2008 Lexus GS350

After researching what car we wanted (and could afford), we searched out what was available here in Washington. We were looking to buy a 2006 Lexus GS300, but when we saw the great deal at Supreme Motors on a 2008 Lexus GS350 we came for a test drive. While the GS300’s are very nice, the GS350 was a world above in terms of quality and luxury. Unfortunately until this time, we never thought we could afford one unless it had issues. The one we bought from them was in excellent condition. I was handed the CarFax and saw that it had been taken care of over the years at the Lexus dealerships and everything you would worry about the in future had already been taken care of. I now understand why Pat and Jeff can be so confident in the cars that they sell. They aren’t the typical automotive dealers who overprice their cars, then play the pathetic sales games that I have come to hate. If you are looking for a quality car at a great price without truly having to haggle, come here. Even if you have to drive a few hours like we did, you won’t be sorry.

Darrell - 2005 Nissan 350Z

Bought my car here in March. Top notch service. Good guys to work with. Very nice selection of quality vehicles. I drive by here a few times a week. They continue to get some very nice looking cars. -Facebook

Lyly - 2006 Lexus IS250

Shopping for a car just weeks after having a baby and losing a dad was stressful and we were going to wait a few months until we came across supreme motors, one of the first few places we decided to check out. They by far have been the most helpful and informative. We decided to check out other dealerships but things just didn't go right. We came back to see Jeff at supreme motors and he walked us through everything and I mean EVERYTHING. I joked about him writing his own review giving it 5 stars but truth is they earned it. Now I'm a proud owner of a Lexus. It rides like "butter". Lol

Royshay - . . .

The people are amazing they have everything you need and want! -Facebook

Ambra - 2009 Infiniti M35S

This is the first review that i can truly say that jeff & pat at supreme motors did a wonderful job with my new car they were so helpful and friendly not only did i get the baddest car on the lot (to me). But they even gave me some tips for future car sales i'm so happy each time i hop in my new car knowing i got the best deal thank you so much guys!!!

Trish from Kirkland - 2007 Lexus RX350

The whole team and experience at Supreme was...well, Supreme! The reasons why: - Straight shooters. I was slightly wary at first given that it is a "used car lot" and a relatively new business. However those concerns quickly disappeared. They know their inventory, the inventory around them and were very transparent. - Responsive. Yes, they are trying to sell a car, but it is still nice to have companies/people who respond promptly to calls and emails. - Service!!! This is a second vehicle for my (soon to be) 16 year old. Since she couldn't drive the car back on her own they came to pick us up! Really! Above and beyond. (thanks David!) Bottom line, we got the car we wanted at competitive price. Not only was the process easy...the guys were enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend Supreme and when I need a car in the future I'll start with them! Thanks again Pat and Jeff! -CARS.COM

Jerod - - - -

We stopped in to look at a vehicle Jeff had for sale that we were excited about due to one owner and very low miles that looked brand new. But it had already been set up for sale the previous night so Jeff went above and beyond to keep us posted in case the deal fell through and even set out to specifically find a vehicle very similar to it in order to earn our business. The best thing is that ALL the cars on his lot looked like there were in excellent condition because he and his partner travel every weekend looking for great cars! Not your average looking used cars, and they are kept clean and ready for showing, not sitting on the lot rotting with dead batteries and dust all over them. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely a great place to stop for a vehicle if he has what your looking for.-YELP

Sergio - 2008 BMW 750Li ZSP

This was by far the best buying experience I've ever had! These guys are honest and have nothing but quality vehicles! I love my 750Li and will be coming back to them in the future!

Jared - - N/A N/A N/A

We stopped in to look at a vehicle Jeff had for sale that we were excited about due to one owner and very low miles that looked brand new. But it had already been set up for sale the previous night so Jeff went above and beyond to keep us posted in case the deal fell through and even set out to specifically find a vehicle very similar to it in order to earn our business. The best thing is that ALL the cars on his lot looked like there were in excellent condition because he and his partner travel every weekend looking for great cars! Not your average looking used cars, and they are kept clean and ready for showing, not sitting on the lot rotting with dead batteries and dust all over them. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely a great place to stop for a vehicle if he has what your looking for.

Cheri Eckstein - 2004 Toyota Tacoma

I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Waltos and Supreme Motors, March 2015. Jeff clearly understands his trade at a level most do-not. He is passionate about what he does, and wants to make sure he delivers you the best product/service possible. Jeff met with me and explained how Supreme Motors would help me sell my vehicle. I had researched his business and after meeting with him, I felt I could trust him. Jeff was honest, thorough, friendly and helpful. Supreme Motors made sure my vehicle was in top condition before committing to sell it. Once my vehicle was approved, Jeff kept me informed every step of the way. My vehicle sold in a week! I would like to thank Supreme Motors and Jeff for making my experience exceptional. -Google Plus

Chris from Bellevue - 2007 BMW 750Li

I bought a NBMW 750Li and had been searching for a white one for about a year! I saw they had it went down and was driving it home in less than an hour! Pat and Jeff the owners are really cool and laid back which made me feel really comfortable. All of there cars were really nice so I felt better about buying a 750Li from a smaller used car dealer... Overall it was a great experience and I will definitely recommend them. -Google Plus

Shaun from Seattle - 2006 Toyota Tacoma

Jeff at Supreme knows his stuff! his experience, the quality of the cars on his lot and his service were ALL phenomenal. I have to say I was shopping and visiting other dealers from Burien to Kirkland but Jeff had some of the best looking cars. This may not even sound possible BUT - I felt like he was the most HONEST car salesman I have EVER met. I could not be more pleased with the Toyota I purchased from Supreme and I would recommend it to all my friends! Not only was the process fairly painless, to really underscore how great my experience was when i asked where the nearest gas station was because the vehicle was on E he followed me and completely FILLED my tank! Thanks Supreme for the best car buying experience ever.

Coach Sarita from Kent - 2007 Cadillac Escalade

The gentlemen, (Jeff & Pat) at Supreme Motors made my 1st time owning a Luxury, previously well taken care and maintained SUV, the greatest experience at any dealership I've ever encountered. They work very diligently to suit your needs in all aspects of what you want and need for your future vehicle. The carfax report are ready on everything in the lot (all vehicles are put through intense inspections before they can be placed on the to sale) even if you decide not to purchase at that time. Jeff and Pat have great customer service and knowledge of every vehicle on the lot, as well as they both do a great job making the car buying process truly a none hassle, an overall successful, and no questions left to the unknown. I highly recommend Supreme Motors of Kent, WA to anybody looking for great service, quality dealership knowledge, easy to work with in making your purchase what you are looking for and want. Thank you Jeff for everything you have done, from the beginning to end of my purchase. Pat thank you for allowing my son (to fulfill 1 of his childhood dream) with the great volunteer opportunity you gave him at your Supreme Motors. I think its awesome, when any kind of dealerships truly care about you and your family beyond your purchase. & Google PLUS

Chris Brooks from Bellevue - 2006 Lexus IS250

Buying a car From pat and Jeff was the best experience I've had buying a car. They were completely honest, I got a phenomenal deal on my car. I recommend this car dealership to anyone who want the best car buying experience. Tell pat and Jeff Chris brooks sent you.

Todd Trask from Renton - 2006 Toyota 4Runner

Great car buying experience great staff

Szabi Szabolcs Noszlopy - 2004 Infiniti QX56

Awesome staff, even better customer service. And cannot forget great vehicles!

Angela - . . .

Jeff was a very nice guy to talk with and he has very nice quality cars there

Robin- Facebook - - N/A N/A N/A

Went in to trade our 07 Mercedes for a newer model. Jeff was really nice and took an hour out of his time to explain trading it into him vs selling it private. He was very informative and he really taught us a few things. He gave us LOTS of options vs a dealer that will take your trade and "say" they gave you $xxx. Definitely will be coming back once were set on what we want. He was very honest and upfront. No bs or run around to get our business.